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    The Best Places To Find Vegan Food In Liverpool 6

    The Best Places To Find Vegan Food In Liverpool

    Check out our latest Vegan Guide here – Top 10 Vegan Friendly Spots In Liverpool. It wasn’t that long ago that a vegan meal was fairly difficult to find in Liverpool. However, there seems to have been a shift in recent years with more and more people adopting a meat-free lifestyle and this is being reflected in the restaurants, cafes and kiosks that are opening. It’s an exciting time to be a plant-eater and I…

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    Mojo Liverpool Vegan Menu Review 1

    Mojo Liverpool Vegan Menu Review

    Liverpool Noise takes a trip over to Liverpool’s favourite music bar MOJO, not for a boogie and some cocktails as one would innocently assume, but to try out their brand new vegan food menu! Since opening their doors they’ve been serving up a delicious array of Louisiana style wings and burgers, hosting taster sessions and even mixing masterclasses into how to make and perfect their expansive cocktail list. This time around we’re checking out the newest addition to their…

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    New Vegan Menu and Free From Beer At Mojo Bar

    New Vegan Menu and Free From Beer At Mojo Bar

    The new vegan menu at Mojo is looking great, plus there’s free from beer for Vegan’s and gluten free customers. Born from a love of cold beer, good food and friendly service, MOJO has launched a brand new delicious vegan menu to cater for the UK’s growing vegan market. To cater for the whopping 3.5 million* vegans across the country, MOJO is offering an alternative variety of mouth-watering dishes in response to the growing demand…

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    CAN Waterloo: Plastic Free Vegan Bar 1

    CAN Waterloo: Plastic Free Vegan Bar

    After a brief residency in the Peaky Blinders Food Court, CAN, Waterloo have a permanent home on St John’s Road in Waterloo. Owners Ryan and Lou are have created an eco-friendly, vegan haven that is all about the food. We popped in on a Saturday afternoon to taste some of their delicious pies and learn more about the plastic free can bar. We ordered the Mushroom Bourginon pie with red wine gravy and mash and…

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    Vegan Mondays have begun at Rodizio Pizza Place Santa Maluco

    Vegan Mondays at Santa Maluco: Review

    Vegan Mondays at Santa Maluco, every Monday and just £3 a slice. Liverpool is fast becoming one of the best places to be vegan. Over the last few years we have seen a sharp increase in the number of meat-free restaurants opening. Not only that but existing eateries are also getting in on the action by offering vegetarian and vegan menus- ranging from a few options, to a wide variety of choice. One such restaurant…

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    Down The Hatch Food Review 1

    Down The Hatch Food Review

    Liverpool is fast becoming a vegan food hotspot, with new and exciting restaurants opening in rapid succession. That being said, it’s only at this point that we are finally getting our very first establishment specialising in vegetarian and vegan junk food. Yes, vegans like junk food too! Down The Hatch is changing the face of the vegan food scene in Liverpool. Based on Duke Street, Down the Hatch is a bar and restaurant that boasts…

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    Our Kitchen Restaurant Review 1

    Our Kitchen Restaurant Review

    Updated for 2019 – Unfortunately Our Kitchen is now permanently closed. But there’s loads of amazing vegan food places in Liverpool. Have a read of our Best Vegan Places In Liverpool guide. It’s not often that a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant opens in Liverpool so when it happens its big news. The brainchild of former CBBC presenter Tara Maguire, Our Kitchen was designed as an inclusive and holistic venue for people to enjoy organic, nutritious vegetarian…