Meet the Team


Head honcho, Clare Deane, established Liverpool Noise way back in 2011 hoping to share her passion for all the amazing things happening in Liverpool. With a love of the local Liverpool music scene, dining out a couple of times a week and immersing herself in to all things arts and culture she's in a pretty good place to create some Liverpool Noise.

Harry Breen

Harry is both a musician and a music journalist whom is truly in awe of Liverpool’s vast music culture. His writing aims to provide a platform for the abundance of talented artists that inhabit the city, in order to enflame Liverpool’s creative culture.

Helen Maw

Helen Maw is a singer/songwriter and musician from Liverpool who loves everything about her city, the food, the culture and especially the music! She's also a keen photographer in her spare time.

Jamie Hankin

Music writer, football watcher and trainees gazer.

Matt Bigley

Matt is an extremely big sports enthusiast, having played multiple sports at a high level. He has followed Everton since the early 90s and is thrilled to be able to vent his anger/pour his excitement and share his passion through his articles for the readers.

Michael Fell

Michael is a proud scouser, and with a passion for music like most people, you'll likely spot him out on the local music scene either performing or watching.Hobbies include escape games, bouldering and spending too much on eating out.Likes cats, guitars and goat's cheese in no particular order.

Rach Hankin

Pet mum, musician and bedroom rockstar. Aspires to travel. Loves reading and learning. Fan of all things music, theatre and culture. Nothing beats a good night out in Liverpool!

Steve Kinrade

SK is the head facilitator at the Klee Music label and is passionate about documenting the local music scene as well as Merseyside arts and culture in general. He is a strong advocate for "art for art's sake", and believes in the power of culture to positively transform society.