Updated for 2019 – Unfortunately Our Kitchen is now permanently closed. But there’s loads of amazing vegan food places in Liverpool. Have a read of our Best Vegan Places In Liverpool guide.

It’s not often that a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant opens in Liverpool so when it happens its big news. The brainchild of former CBBC presenter Tara Maguire, Our Kitchen was designed as an inclusive and holistic venue for people to enjoy organic, nutritious vegetarian and vegan food and drink. Situated at the top of Bold Street, the restaurant has fit in nicely with the burgeoning alternative food scene which has exploded in recent years. With so much hype around the newest vegan eatery, I decided to pay a visit.

Upon arrival, the first thing you notice is that the restaurant has a laid back, friendly atmosphere. Lots of people coming and going, some staying for a sit-down meal, others picking up orders to go. It’s also much larger than you expect from the street as it stretches quite far back.

Our Kitchen Liverpool

Mini Vegan Bean Burgers

You’ll also notice that right beside the till is a section of food and drink for people to purchase and take away which included fresh food, snacks, drinks and vegan wines and beers. I think this is great idea and one that seems to becoming popular with more and more cafes and restaurants.

In terms of the menu, I was really impressed with how diverse the selection of food on offer was. Diners can choose from a vegetarian or vegan menu with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before going, I kind of got the impression that Our Kitchen was only going to serve “health foods” but that definitely isn’t the case. Yes they do offer many nutritious meals like Buddha Bowls and green omelettes but they also offer burger and chips- if that’s the mood you’re in.

Our Kitchen Liverpool

Grilled Halloumi Salad & Bread with Olive Oil

Another aspect of the menu that I thought was really unique was their range of juices, smoothies and shots. Not just something to accompany your meal, these drinks are packed full of goodness with options to suit every need, including detoxing your liver, uplifting your mood and even boosting your immune system.

After taking a look at the menu, I decided to get the mini vegan bean burgers and the rosemary and sea salted chips. My fellow guest chose the grilled halloumi salad and bread with olive oil. All of the meals were delicious and packed full of flavour. There’s also just something very cute and satisfying about miniature burgers.

Our Kitchen Liverpool

Chocolate Brownie

For dessert, I chose the vegan ice cream sundae and I have to admit, it’s the best vegan dessert I have ever had. Two scoops of strawberry and one scoop of chocolate, topped with chocolate, berries and nuts- such a treat. If you decide to visit for anything, let it be for the desserts.

Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Our Kitchen and I’m sure I’ll visit again. The food is slightly more expensive than some of the other vegan restaurants that are about but considering much of it is organic and locally sourced, I think the price is justified. For any veggies or vegans who are looking to try something new, this place should definitely be top of your list.

Jamie Lewis