The Liverpool food and drink scene is booming at the moment, with the city centre in particular boasting an abundance of fantastic independent eateries.

In this competitive market (I’ve got a list of ‘to-go-to’ food places longer than my arm), restaurants have to be particularly memorable to get me to eat there a second time. It speaks volumes, then, that less than a week after my first dining experience at Ichi Noodle, I found myself once-again grappling with my chopsticks amid one of their tremendous noodle boxes.

Between it having only opened a few months ago, and it’s somewhat hidden-away location on Richmond Street, I hadn’t actually heard of Ichi Noodle until I found myself browsing TripAdvisor. (It’s right up top – and rightly so!) Intrigued by all of its amazing reviews, myself and 3 friends hit up the Asian fusion food-spot last week.

The place inside was informal, friendly and spotlessly-clean and from the minute we walked in, staff were attentive and couldn’t do more for us. On the manager’s recommendation, we ordered a varied selection of food to share: Singaporean noodles, beef teriyaki noodles, sambal rice (a Malaysian-style fried rice in a chili-based sauce), karè rice (special fried rice in a Japanese-style curry sauce) and salt and pepper chips.

The food arrived about five minutes later and, while this can usually be a warning sign, it was fresh and packed with flavour. Every morsel was tremendous; perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of spice, and the honeyed green tea was a spot-on accompaniment.

It’s safe to say Ichi Noodle has won me over and I urge you to give it a whirl.  Can’t fault the place for food nor service and it runs rings around other similar establishments. Wok & who?

Kate Lally