Since so many of us are spending more time in the kitchen than ever before we decided to collaborate with Italian Street Food vendor Fritto to bring you their amazing homemade donut recipe.

The award-winning Fritto was founded by Luca Sanvittore in 2015 and they have enjoyed pop-up’s at Granby Market, The Baltic Market and Phase One. They’re famous for their Panzerotti (similar to a fried Calzone) as well as their mouth-watering pizza’s and pasta dishes. Just check out their Instagram for drool-worthy content.

So are you ready to make some super fluffy, dangerously addictive, piping hot fried donuts? This is going to be a hit for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Fritto Homemade Donuts Recipe

Fritto Liverpool Donuts

500g Strong bread flour
275ml whole milk
7g fresh yeast (2.5g dry yeast)
50g Sugar
10g honey
75g butter
5g salt

>Mix all the ingredients part from salt & butter
> Add them after 5 mins; add salt first and then small chunks of butter one at a time
> Knead it until smooth and not sticky
> Let it prove at room temperature (20 degrees) for 4 hours or until it doubles in size > with a rolling pin flatten it out until about 1cm thickness
> Cut them
> Let them rise for another couple if hours at room temperature
> Fry at 180 degrees until golden
> Cover in sugar!

Fritto are currently delivering homemade pizza kits to your door during lockdown. There are three different packages to choose from plus a list of other exclusive Italian ingredients. Head over to to find out more!


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