Through The Lens of Music: Merseyside Music Photographers Exhibition and Social Panels.

3 – 9 July @ Bloom Building and Coffee, Birkenhead (@bloom_building)

10 – 17 July @ The Jacaranda, Liverpool (@thejacclub)

Through The Lens of Music is an exhibition and social event which celebrates the work and livelihood of Merseyside music photographers. It aims to create a platform to come together to remember captured moments and invite us to appreciate and support their artwork.

Music photography is a vital part of the music industry, but it is also a visual art form – creative, inspiring, emotional and skilful. The event aims to encourage proactive dialogue regarding the local creative network, music photographersstatus in the local music scene and work within the current pandemic-risen situation. 

The exhibition will showcase eight contemporary music photographers active in the local music scene prior to the pandemic and now. It will tour two venues, exhibiting their work at Bloom Building and Coffee in Birkenhead and The Jacaranda in Liverpool. 

Through The Lens of Music Exhibiting artists: 

Amelia Jones (@inkblots

Gary Lambert (@glamgigpics

Jacob Kazara (@jacobkazaraphotography

Jenn Cliff Wilcock (@lens of a wool

Lucy McLachlan (@lucy alexandra

Marieke Macklon (@mariekemacklon

Sarah Sidwell (@shotsbysarah

Warren Millar (@warrenmillarphotog)

Exhibition opening and Social Panels 3 July, 4 – 10 pm at Bloom Building 

The opening night will host a programme of Social Panels and acoustic performances by local artists. The Social Panels will welcome guest speakers and hosts discussing contemporary music photographers’ position within the music industry, arts sector, and individually as artists and creators. It will serve as a platform to reconnect and open up a dialogue in various areas that are relevant at this time around this form of artistic expression. 

Social Panels programme: 

“On becoming a music photographer” 

“How to see music – capturing the visual” 

“The freelance business” 

“Finding a new format – The online medium” and 

“Women in music photography”

Guest speakers: Amelia Jones, Jacob Kazara, Jenn Cliff Wilcock, Lucy McLachlan, Marieke Macklon, Warren Millar Guest hosts: Bido Lito!, Melodic Distraction, Where Are The Girl Bands, Open Eye Gallery, Convenience Gallery.

The opening night and social panels will be filmed and recorded. The video recording of the event will be available to access online on Sumatis YouTube channel. In collaboration with Melodic Distraction, the audio recordings will be broadcasted in a 3-part radio series, available online. 

For more information and tickets, visit Sumati’s Facebook or Instagram pages.