Three From Above - Hail Caesar! Single Review
100%Overall Score

Liverpool indie-rock band Three From Above ‘Hail Caesar’ single leaves a lasting impression.

I have to be brutally honest here. When I as first asked to review this tune, I hadn’t come across this band. In fact, their name “Three From Above” was something I would have expected to see scrawled on the local Labour Club as a forthcoming attraction, with the added enticement of them being a “top vocal trio”. Hmmmm….

Looking at the file, the song length was 2 min 18 seconds. Well, a lot has got to be said for tracks of a short length. Some of my favourites have been under three minutes – short and pithy, hitting the musical emotional bullseye. However Hail Caesar not only hits the bullseye, but completely obliterates it, with a thermo-nuclear device precision.

Three From Above are the Yang to Take That’s Ying. And this is 2 minutes and 18 seconds of pure visceral energy, excitement, surfer-grunge, and hints of death-metal. Indeed, the bloody kitchen sink of production hasn’t been just been thrown at this, but jettisoned from a a howitzer. It sounds amazing and I have already listened to it five times on loop while I am writing this. This band create enough cacophony to raise a battalion of Lazarus’ and even the big guy himself. Sonically brutal but also engaging, it gets better and better with repeated listening. I’m still your brother….

Wow! Can they keep this up? Who knows, but at least they, and we, have always got this absolute gem. Hail to the Caesar! A candidate for your new favourite band.

Find out more about Three From Above via their Facebook page here.

Steve Kinrade