Local indie/punk rockers The Racket return with their latest single No Shine from The Sun and a protest song that you can dance to. 

In each of The Racket’s last three singles, the four-piece have gone into combat with differing aspects of society that ruffle their feathers. 2018 single Know It For a Fact, a tussle with life’s pretenders before a December defence of the Labour Party in track For The Many Not The Few. In this their latest release, The Racket now launch an assault on the tabloid press with a microscope cast on a particular newspaper. 

From the moment that the bell rings, the guitars and drums set a constant, unwavering melody as lead singer Callum Codd takes to the centre of the ring swinging. Short, cutting lyrical assessments land, condemning deceitful headlines and considers the effect of these outlets on society. However, this track has more about it than just an aggressive tirade.

The Racket No Shine From The Sun
Official Lyric Video

The melody and beat create a landscape where it feels only natural to at least tap your feet in rhythm with the guitars and drop a shoulder or two where necessary. This is juiced up indie music but with a motive and heart that ensures it stands out from the crowd. It is a track that is almost certain to resonate with this part of the world for not just it’s message but also it’s gritty soulfulness. 

Momentum is growing for The Racket as they continue to take their music and soundbites to the rest of the UK. They now set about on a journey of following up sell out shows in Liverpool and Manchester and supporting multiple esteemed acts. This latest track will certainly do them and their rising fan base no harm at all. 

No Shine From The Sun is out on all major streaming platforms. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Head over to https://www.theracketmusic.com/ for updates.

Jamie Hankin