The Midnight Delivery is earning legendary status with their amazing dessert home delivery service.

It was love at first sight when we discovered The Midnight Delivery at the Baltic Market several years ago. As someone with a sweet tooth, a meal is never complete until you’ve had dessert and they are passionate about fulfilling our sweet cravings!

The Midnight Delivery has become legendary in Liverpool for it’s hot cookie dough concoctions, cookie sandwiches and Slut Brownies. For us, these are the absolute winners and make the brand stand out from any competitiors. Imagine hot cookie dough with melted caramel Freddo chocolate bars on top. Dig in and that caramel just melts into it all. There’s loads of variations you can get like Caramac, Galaxy caramel, mint Areo and there’s even Creme Egg ones available around Easter time. And, you’ll see their Cookie Sandwiches all over Instagram because they look amazing and the good news is they are absolutley delicious.

The Midnight Delivery Creme Egg Cookie Dough

Creme Egg Cookie Dough

Thanks to the success they had at the Baltic Market they were then able to open up shops in both North and South Liverpool (Orrell Road and Smithdown Road). Now, usually we’re not ones for ordering delivery of any kind as we enjoy eating out but Coronavirus has changed all that for us! So, mid-lockdown we needed a sugar fix and there was only one option for us.

Through their app you can order cookie sandwiches, milkshakes, loaded waffles, cookie dough, brownies (go for the slut brownie!), cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, salted caramel fudge cake, ice cream, pick and mix, chocolate bars and cans of fizzy drinks.

There’s also vegan options available with vegan cookie dough and vegansalted caramel fudge cake.

The Midnight Delivery Liverpool Slut Brownie

Slut Brownie

After ordering a ton of desserts and working our way through them for the next few days, we found ourselves ordering again just a few days later….So now we know what addiction feels like.

So, whether you’re looking for some sweet treats to get you through lockdown or just want to eat your body weight in cookie dough and cake get the Midnight Delivery App now and get ordering.

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