Its always quite amusing to read the press release accompanying a bands new musical  offering, as it more often than not gives an insight into how the PR company is  attempting to place their new charges into an already suffocating music market. So with STONE’s Stay Silent we get the usual press-prose about how this crew are the next musical meteorites, blazing a comet trail of uniqueness across the artistic firmament. 

Refreshingly, Stay Silent exceeds the word-smithery build up. It bursts into life with a  barrage of sonic energy and lyrical indignation, so have your painkillers at hand. This is  a band working into the red, the rhythm section of Alex Smith (drums) and Sarah  Surrage (bass) galloping along in perfect precision, the perfect foil for Finlay Power’s  stream of invective angst and spittle covered rage, overarched by Elliot Gill’s  shimmering Kevin Shields inspired guitar work. 

STONE – Stay Silent video

And the video of them performing at 24 Kitchen Street perfectly captures the frenetic  energy of the song: eye-scorching strobes, quick cuts and great camera angles, the  charismatic Power stalking the stage like a young Jagger. STONE look great and  authentic, just like a proper kick-ass band should.  

Three minutes and fifty seconds of pure, pristine, aural adrenaline. Bloody brilliant.  

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Seb Klee 

Feature Image Credit: Broadie