The rule of Sapporo Teppanyaki is it’s all about spectacle. It’s about those places we saw on American TV in the mid to late 90’s where things were cooked in the middle of your table, and it took us staunch Brits a while to catch up.

Me and the boyfriend took full advantage of one of the menu’s special offers by going on a Monday. This is the day when Sapporo’s offers customers a steak and beer for just £16 ­ The best £32 I’ve (Okay, my boyfriend), has ever spent.

On that note, this could be the restaurant you should rule out for first­ dates. In fact, this would make for a perfect venue for a first date. It can be quite awkward ­ sitting alone with your interested party for the first time, can’t it? Well, here dining is an immensely loud, enjoyable and ­ most importantly ­ communal experience you’re forced to share with exactly the sort of people who you may not of previously met, but, within moments, you’re all friends.

If you’re not not familiar with this type of restaurant, basically people are seated around an open grill whilst chefs cook your food for you in stages. Sapporo’s entertainment factor is most certainly different, lending itself perfectly to group scenarios is the show they put on. They perform tricks with the food whilst doing it and the more you watch them, the more you realize if you tried any of their antics back home, you’d probably lose an eye or two. It’s definitely tasty stuff they knock up and the service is exceptional; guaranteed a fun time will be had by all.

Sapporo’s is ideal for parties, couples and famiy occasions, offering a variety of Japanese cocktails and whiskeys. In addition with western beers, wine, champagne, spirits and soft drinks. It was a warm friendly atmosphere in Sapporo’s, combined with healthy delicious food that created a dining experience that I most certainly won’t forget.

Chloe Sinclair