The highly anticipated new single from Red Rum Club, Eleanor, is out now.

Another amazing creation straight from Liverpool’s own Parr Street Studios, we are delighted to see the long-awaited return of the boys from Red Rum Club. After making a stir from their debut album Matador in 2019, they’ve been busy at work behind the scenes with their newest single, Eleanor, which takes a short turn into a much brighter and upbeat number.

Lead singer, Fran Doran, says: “It’s a perfect love song, sung to and about Tom’s (guitarist) partner, Eleanor. It was written as an aid to help her overcome an ongoing battle with mental health, she needed a ‘pick me up’ song. It’s a happy, Summery ode to finding the right person who you just click with and can’t imagine being without. When we went back in the studio after the success of Matador, we didn’t know what to expect, but this came effortlessly as it was from the heart and, as it’s so close to Tom, none of us wanted to mess with his vision for what it should be.

Of course as mental health awareness has the much needed spotlight that it deserves, we often see and hear songs that have been written from first-hand accounts of people facing these challenges. Written here instead as an aide, it makes perfect sense this song should be filled with joy and happiness to create this feeling of safety and comfort. The pieces of Eleanor were put together whilst travelling between gigs, usually a fairly reflective and comparatively quiet time for many bands, so it may well have also helped them in writing this to help channel the same energy.

The song itself features that wonderful, brass-driven sound (Joe Corby) that we’re so used to hearing, infused with a percussive layer that pushes the whole song along into a happy crescendo throughout. The catchy chorus, rhythmically spelling out Eleanor, is one that will be with you for the rest of the day, and the lads under the watchful eye of  producer Chris Taylor, have succeeded in creating this melodic ear-worm.

It’s to no surprise that their maiden 12-month campaign for their first album was met with so much praise. With the difficulties bands and venues have faced recently everyone is exceptionally eager to get going as soon as possible, in Corby’s own blog post on the matter he says “This year’s not been quite what we planned, but we’ll make it work. I just like to think we’ll be seeing the year out the same as the last. Seeing the lads again, getting back onstage and then maybe having a few drinks to celebrate”. 

It would be amazing to see them capitalise on 2019 where, as well as numerous headline tours of their own, culminating in a sold-out Liverpool O2 Academy, the band enjoyed high-profile support slots with bands including The 1975. Red Rum Club’s upcoming 2020 live dates, including a main stage headline slot to close this year’s Sound City are undoubtedly going to be in high-demand and we look forward to plenty more this year!
Eleanor is available to stream on all major platforms now. Listen on Spotify.

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Michael Fell