Late Night Lost Love by Paris Youth Foundation – An auspicious new single of authentic emotion, reinforcing their potential as a respected alt-rock-pop figure.

Following the release of their last track Home is Where the Heart Is in February, Paris Youth Foundation have followed up with yet another summer-friendly single in preparation for their debut album, Late Night Lost Love.

The track, released on the 15 of July, endeavors in capturing our shortcomings when it comes to feeble attempts at masking our moments of weakness following break-ups. Frontman Kevin Potter states; “It’s about the routine of pretending that you’re fine all week after a break-up, occupied by work and then the weekend comes and it’s all out of the window. You can’t play it cool anymore.”

Produced by Rich Turvey at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, known for his work with Blossoms, Courteeners and a plethora of other up-and-coming artists in the local community, Late Night Lost Love offers a promising foundation for Paris Youth Foundation’s debut album.

There is a clear coat of sentimental authenticity in this track through its lyrical content, layered vocals and notably-deep basslines that all work together to capture and communicate a feeling of late-night despair. With the overall sound remaining consistent with earlier releases of light and playful alt-rock that tackles emotions of sorrow and misfortune (Such as Losing Your Love and The Off Button), PYF seem to have captured a sound that is reminiscent of a vintage Two Door Cinema Club track.

With a history of features on BBC Radio One, alongside their arsenal of singles and EPs, PYF have underpinned their debut single with a growing fanbase which will allow them to take the Liverpool’s music community by storm upon release date of their album.

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Harry Breen