From the press release blurb, we ascertain a number of things about this up and coming artist, Olivia Gold. Firstly, she comes from proven singer-songwriter stock, as she is the grand-daughter of the Oscar winning composer Ernest Gold, and the daughter of acclaimed song-writer Andrew Gold. Secondly, she has connections (as you would expect), as “Mind On Fire” is produced by Neil Wogensen of Los Angeles’ Valley Queen. Thirdly, Olivia studied at LIPA, thereby boosting both her CV and the local economy.

I am always interested go see what the role of the producer adds to the recording process, so I delved into Valley Queen’s back catalogue and quickly arrived at the conclusion that Neil Wogensen was exactly the man to be in the producers chair for Gold’s projects. She has a similar timbre to Valley Queens Natalie Carol, but with a more “smoky warmth” quality to it. Wogensen’s production therefore is crisp and sympathetic, and I can certainly see some high profile support slots for La Gold in the future. The track at first listen is a bit AOR vanilla, but with repeated listenings, a certain charm makes itself known – especially aided by some great atmospheric slide guitar – which hints at greater things to come.

You can listen to Mind on Fire by Olivia Gold via Spotify here.

Steve Kinrade