New Noise: May Roundup

Well, we haven’t exactly been donning our Davie Crocket hats in an Alamo –  style way of fighting against the deluge of submissions for the May 2021 roundup, but if we have lacked quantity, the quality has been exceptional. The two tracks that book-end this months releases are Fiona Lennon’s You Really Got a Hold On Me and Birthday Girl’s Dizzy. 

At first pass La Lennon’s composition may appear to be a straightforward affair,  built upon a simple and well-used chord structure, but where she really comes  into her own is that magical voice she possesses. Heartfelt and yearnful, it  successfully evokes those initial emotions of the hope a new relationship brings.  Quite beautiful. 

New Noise Birthday Girl

Although strictly speaking this segment champions local music releases, we will  leave our back door slightly ajar for Birthday Girl, on the fact that Dizzy was written whilst staying in Liverpool. 

Their EPK gushes…. 

Recalling the hallucinogenic venturings of Spacemen 3 to Tame Impala to Pink Floyd, it’s a dose of highly medicated post-rock with trippy, transient  side effects and woozy temporal shifts aplenty… 

Sentiments that we agree with entirely. This is a track that emboldens the sunshine hope of our post lock-down life. 

If you want to be featured in our monthly New Noise music roundup please email [email protected] with a link to your music and social media channels/website.

Steve Kinrade