New Noise: February Edition

As 2021 seems to be just 2020’s bigger, nastier brother, it’s good to know that the local music scene is still defying any creative lockdown constraints and releasing great stuff. 

So let’s start off with a bang with the latest release from Generation and their Suicidal Champagne mini album. Seven tracks of sonic brutality, that captures the spirit of 77 to a tee. Sometimes a kick in the nether-regions can be therapeutic, and with tracks like Generation-Tokyo and the memorable Put Your Middle Fingers Up, this is exactly what the healthcare professional ordered. 

If Generation is 77, then the spirit of 79/80 is evoked, with alchemical skill, by Abi Rose Kelly. Kill The Waitress is a feisty affair, abetted by perfect radio friendly production. It’s a sonic delight, bringing a 40 year old musical ethos bang up to date. 

Remember that feeling when you find some money down the back of the sofa? Country Club’s (feature image) new release Closer gives you that joyous, emotional tingle. This is seven minutes of chilled-out heaven, evoking the spirit of The Beloved and Tricky. It’s a track you will  want to place on your latest playlist, for sure. 

Thom Morecroft by Tom Miller

Thom Morecroft Photo Credit Tom Miller

A British Artist In Paris – aka Peter Deaves – serves up an accomplished piece of Covid  commentary – Opening Night – with his usual aplomb. For those of us who are  unacquainted with him, this serves as the perfect introduction. For those who appreciate  his talent, it is mere further validation. PS the video is magical. 

Milan Reid releases his latest effort – 21Grams – which is a smooth, laid back track very  much in the vein of Emilio Pinchi, which, to these ears, is no bad thing. A well  constructed, musical gem, that demands to be checked out. 

Lastly, Thom Morecroft formally releases his epic track The Beast on a physical format.  This is a live recording, which adds to the absolute boiling emotional intensity inherent in  the song. It’s one of his best, among the many highlights in the Morecroft musical  cannon, but it’s a hard listen. This is Morecroft stripped bare, counselling his innermost demons to his audience. No quarter asked, or given. Morecroft at his very, very best.

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Steve Kinrade