A New Brighton pub has renamed itself The Three Bellends, making their feelings towards the Tory Government pretty clear.

The James Atherton pub underwent a facelift yesterday with new signage showing the faces of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Chief Advisor Dominic Cummings above the pub’s new name, The Three Bellends.

The genius rebrand was created by private-sector development and regeneration company Rockpoint Leisure, who are transforming New Brighton.

Rockpoint Leisure CEO, Daniel Davies, shared the news via Twitter, saying “Rockpoint Leisure is calling on pubs across the land to follow us and do a temporary name change (for the duration of Marshal Law) to reflect the mood of the nation. Let’s get some name ideas going! The Three Bellends.”  

New Brighton Pub The James Atherton becomes The Three Bellends

New Brighton Pub Renamed The Three Bellends

Rockpoint Leisure have done an outstanding job in regenerating New Brighton, with their latest addition being the Oakland Gallery  adding to the portfolio of hospitality and retail concepts within the town.

They’ve also created New Brighton’s Open Air Art Gallery in the form of the amazing collection of Street Art that can be found around the town.

So let’s all raise a glass to Rockpoint Leisure!