Much like the affable Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation, I am a big fan of breakfast food. I truly believe it is the most delicious and exciting meal of the day when it is done right, and Moose Coffee know a thing or two about breakfast food.

I visited Moose Coffee’s Hope Street branch with my girlfriend and some friends, and if you are ever in the same situation looking for a go-to breakfast place with your friends – or even on your own – I cannot recommend Moose Coffee highly enough. Despite Moose Coffee opening its doors back in 2006, it seems as though it is still a hidden gem in the city. You don’t see them advertising much, and their online presence is not huge, yet they continue to attract people in their thousands every year. With three Liverpool venues (Dale Street, Hope Street and College Rd Crosby), plus two Manchester locations and one Leeds site, Moose Coffee is showing no signs of slowing down.

Their rapid growth is much deserved as I learnt first-hand on my visit. I ordered – to my delight and the envy of others in my party – Moose Coffee’s signature doorstep French toast topped with peanut butter and jam. If you’re a fan of peanut butter and jam and you’ve never had it on French toast, I have to say you are missing out on an experience that I can only imagine borders on biblical. The “doorstep” aspect of the description was dead accurate as I struggled to get the pieces of toast in my mouth – oh and did I mention you get a side of maple syrup too? Well, you do.

Moose Coffee’s signature doorstep French toast topped with peanut butter and jam

Moose Coffee Hope Street Liverpool

Their menu offers both breakfast and lunch options, however the party I was with only ordered breakfast food and not one of us was disappointed. They offer over 32 different breakfast dishes, as well as a wide range of coffees (both iced and normal) alongside soft drinks, juices and teas.

Along with their food, Moose Coffee have established a nice little side hustle selling merchandise, too. They offer a variety of products from their thick and sturdy coffee mugs, to one of the most interesting posters I have ever seen of a moose wearing an astronaut suit, holding the helmet. This is in keeping with the aesthetic inside the establishment, and while their aesthetic varies from branch to branch (at least of the ones I have visited in Liverpool), the atmosphere remains playful and relaxed with an air of informality that allows you to really feel comfortable. Even with COVID-19 understandably heightening people’s anxiety. If you’re planning a breakfast outing over the next few weeks, why would you go anywhere else other than Moose Coffee?

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Daniel Hunter