Liverpool Noise favourites Mal Hijo are back! Back in January 2019 we reviewed their amazing single Cocainerbut this time we’re swinging towards their newest addition to the arsenal; Mal Hijo. The single, named after the 4-piece group, is arguably their most ambitious track yet, opting for a prog-rock song, complete with little hints at their potential inspirations such as a Pink Floyd Money riff thrown in.

As with prog-rock songs, they often take more of a journey than a typical song structure, and it’s certainly a pleasure to listen to it unfold from the heavier opening and extremely catchy chorus ‘I’ve heard you calling my name‘, into the guitar based mid-section before bringing it right down to something harking to the likes of a slower Led Zep song. From there we have a wonderful crescendo into a guitar solo linking up the sections before returning to the opening idea. At pretty much 5 minutes, we have a condensed idea of what the band are setting out to do.

Frontman Mike Blue states “There’s a time and place for everything and right now it’s time for prog rock”. And rightly so!

From their earlier records, such as Lemonade which is also an extremely well written song, the maturity of this sound definitely suits the line up they have. On a side note, it’s amazing to see powerful single artwork, which can often get overlooked. As we’ve seen from their previous two singles it’s eye-catching which shows the work being put in from the lads at all aspects and levels. Mal Hijo features a chalkboard style drawing of a crouched man with angel wings protruding from his back. As we know this is a new journey of genre for them and it’s a very apt choice.

As with most groups at this time, output has been limited so it’s amazing to hear so much music being brought out. Mal Hijo were scheduled to play a host of gigs to help push the singles so we can only hope once order is resumed they’ll pick up exactly where they left off!

The good news now though, is that the single is out now and available to stream on all major platforms.

Find them in all the usual places; Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Michael Fell 

Feature Image Photo Credit: Steven Brodie