This bank holiday Sunday, LIV Food Market is holding a Plant Based Power Celebration in their cultural home of Radiant House on Bold Street.

Promoting the hugely popular plant based diets, LIV will celebrate the power of plants and the many different benefits that this diet and lifestyle comes with.

With an array of delicious free samples for customers and locals to try and taste, including lots of their freshly baked vegan cakes, cheeses and other foods. Not only will LIV be offering out and celebrating plant based and vegan food, but also the other elements of this increasingly popular lifestyle. Customers can explore the world of plant-based beauty with organic and vegan cosmetic brand, Inika, an Australian-born company that loves animals as much as they love makeup.

LIV Organic

One of LIV’s core aspects of their ethos, Community Wellbeing, will see local businesses and initiatives out to celebrate their own plant-based passions, including LABL Vegan Fair and Shrubbies Plants, which upcycle tins and cans into beautiful plant pots. With lots of interactive spaces up around the store and outside, customers can get to know some of the LIV’s vegan and plant-based brands, invited along to introduce themselves to the company’s passionate customers as well as giving out samples of their products. Some of these will include; Loving Foods, Raw Chocolate Company and Green People.

LIV wants customers to be able to come and explore the world of veganism and all things natural, and so the celebration will be both fun and interactive. By inviting these brands to join LIV, representatives can talk to customers, answer any questions, and promote the idea of natural living.

Celebrate with LIV on Sunday 28th May, celebrations all day inside LIV and outside from 1pm – 4pm

You can find more information about LIV on their Facebook Page here