We’re pleased to have at our fingertips the latest single Together by HenrioWe thought that it was difficult to top his first single Moonglow (i could love you) a beautiful folk song about new love, but this newest track has truly caught our attention and showed Henrio’s original mission to come to Liverpool to hone his craft has certainly paid off!

Originally from Spain, his move to Liverpool came in 2017 after quitting his record label and has since been working around the clock with that beautiful combination of fingerpicked guitar and delicate vocals. Together is such a well constructed song, with its message of hope and of the need to pull together when life throws you mysterious challenges, the positive message can be heard through the struggle.

With ample time over the last few weeks for reflection and exploration, he still has plenty more to come. This blend of stripped-back folk, with the uplifting undertones certainly has a space to capture fans’ hearts and we wish him all the best with his next releases.

Listen to Together on Spotify.

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Michael Fell