With the most playful tone towards anti-establishment sentiments, Hannah’s Little Sister released their latest single Gum ahead of their debut EP EP.mp3

Hannah’s Little Sister are a junk-pop quartet that have been sporadically infusing elements of punk, pop and indie into their bizarre discography of synth-heavy arcade styled tracks. These four unconventional musicians are shamelessly throwing their abrasive energy into the ears of their listeners, whom are quick to requite adoration for their alien aesthetic.

Their latest single Gum, which was released on the 7th on October, continues this sound of fruity retroism that they seem to have latched onto – allowing for a clear vision of what their debut EP EP.mp3 can promise for their listenership. 

Kicking off the song with a Space Invaders styled melody on the synthesizer over rhythmically dense grooves on the drums, Gum immediately sets the tone for a tongue-in-cheek energy but quickly raises the artistic bar with its anti-capitalist lyricism; “Funny machines with familiar faces. Linking up arms with material ideas”. The song continues this fruitful energy with the occasional breaks of tranquil psychedelia within the breakdowns, until you are thrown back into the explosive rhythm alongside more thought-provoking lyrics.

Lead vocalist Meg Grooters seems to have written this song as a therapeutic outlet for her philosophy on capitalism, stating that “Gum is another sort of rant (oops!) about consumerism and how it’s constantly distracting us from ourselves and from the state of our society/country/government/world etc. – all of the things! I wrote it to remind myself there’s a difference between what I want and need, and what I’m being told or shown I should want or need.”

The band themselves are conscious of the notion that their cynical message is interwoven into such a surreal style of music, making Hannah’s Little Sister a powerful outlet of expression. This, combined with their natural talent and unorthodox chemistry, suggests a potential to break the norms of conventional music through mesmerisingly strange sounds and unapologetically assertive messages. Should their EP follow suit, then Hannah’s Little Sister are looking at an explosive growth amongst the misfit cultures within the UK.

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Harry Breen