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Dip Into Pride Installation Coming To Liverpool’s Lush Store

If you didn’t see the Dip into Pride installation in the Baltic area of Liverpool this July, you’re about to get a second chance and the location couldn’t be more perfect. As curator Laura McCann explains, “The installation is a bath tiled in Pride colours and even before the artist finished it I said how incredible it would look in Lush. So we’re really excited it’s now happening”. 

The piece was created by @titsupartistliverpool, who is known for making mosaic displays, including the sign for the City’s Ukrainian Peace Garden. The artist is an advocate for equal rights and actively supports the LGBTQIA+ community, so was keen to be a part of the Pride art events curated by Laura.

Now both of them want to emphasise that Pride isn’t just a one day event. As the artist explained, “I go to as many Pride marches as I possibly can and creating the bath wasn’t just a one off novelty to me. When we first talked about it was about immersing yourself in the spirit of Pride and the fight for equality. That’s a message I want to keep promoting and I’m so happy that Lush are fully behind the project”. 

The Lush store on Church Street is the largest in the world and its prime central location means that the Dip into Pride bath will be seen by a huge number of locals and tourists.

However, the artist and curator were quick to add it’s not all about location in this instance and size doesn’t always matter, the vital element for them was the ethos of the store. Lush Liverpool have previously supported various LQBTQIA+ artists, most recently with the “Stay Queer No Matter War” exhibition in association with Homotopia which ran over Eurovision and featured work by the Ukrainian photographer Artur Vovchenko.

Dip Into Pride Installation Coming To Liverpool Lush Store
Franz Genau aka @queerartisan

As Laura explained, “The queer arts community is vital to the city and all the staff at the Liverpool store make it very clear that they want to offer an inclusive space for all. That’s what makes having the installation there so brilliant.” 

The Dip into Pride bath was initially going to be auctioned off to raise money for Sahir House, who are Liverpool’s largest and longest-running LQBTQIA+ charity. However, it was decided collectively that the bath should first be seen by as many people as possible, in order to spread the message that Liverpool stands with equal rights and Lush, being situated in the heart of the city, is the perfect place to do just that. 

Digital Creative and Events Supervisor for Lush Liverpool, Jess Gallie-Daly who organised the installation being on display in the store said, “This gorgeous bath is truly an honour to display in the Lush Liverpool shop. “All Are Welcome Always” is a belief we stand by here at Lush and this bath is a signifier of that and everything it was made for. Hopefully while here we can get as many people to come and see it before it goes on auction next year. “

The bath will be unveiled as part of the bank holiday Beatles weekend celebrations, when the city will be busy with locals and tourists from around the world. You can see more work by the artist and curator on Instagram @titsupartistliverpool and @lauramccannphotos and further information can be found at


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