Liverpool’s very own self-produced 90’s Rock powerhouse Buffalo Riot are back with a new sound, and it’s bigger than ever: ‘Daydream Mouth’, the record is due to be released on 20th September 2019. They celebrated their 10th anniversary as a band in January of this year, and after working on this new record for two years it seems like the perfect time to release it: the album they’ve always been capable of. The advent of a ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme has been set up with their pre-orders to enable fans and musicians on low income to enjoy physical music and live music.

The album has an American rock radio vibe: harmony, big sounds, resonance. The album stems from a really positive place, with the band experimenting with a kind of ‘Live in’ scenario at the studio working with Andy Fernihough and Engineer Joe Sage. That seems to be reflected in the music with bold accurate guitar hooks, brave song writing guided by positive and hopeful Choruses. Paul Carroll on guitar, provides a pioneering guitar wash, imitating various instrumentation forming great counter melodic phrases. Jamie Sell on bass and Andy Fernihough on drums make up the rest of the solid foundation of the band: a formation that just undeniably works, especially live where they show a true powerhouse rock and power pop vibe everytime.

Creating sounds similar to Modern bands like The War on Drugs, DMA’s with undeniable nods back to the likes of REM and The Replacements, this latest evolution of The Buffalo Riot is the best yet. The tones are warm, the lyrics have an emotional richness, and the overall effect is utterly intoxicating. The album artwork, created by local designer Jono Jones, has been created to reflect the infrastructure that the band have created: mostly keeping themselves out of ‘the scene’, the band have thrived doing it on their own terms. From writing, rehearsing, organising, recording and promoting this new album and the associated shows, the band have sustained themselves.

Working together with Nothingville Music and also through appearing in YouTube documentaries. Lionsgate media film release ‘Matriarch’ and on other TV and film soundtracks, the band is always gaining traction both in their hometown of Liverpool, and across the pond in America. Previously, the band have released EPs, singles and their sold-out album launch for Pale Blue Oceans (2016) at Buyers Club was seen as their real arrival as a serious force.

This upcoming album will be celebrated with a launch on the night of 20th September at St Brides Church in Liverpool (L8 7LT). Through a DIY crowd-fund on their online shop, fans are able to support the release of the new album at a price that suits them as well as through a ‘pay it forward’ option: a way of getting physical copies to fans on low income, or who just can’t spare the funds right now.

They are also working with local brewing company ‘TopRope’ to create a Special Edition Session IPA lager to be sold at the Album launch, showing that the band are leading the way in terms of carving their own path and willing to push the boundaries of what is normally expected of a local band.

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