Beyond Liverpool: 4 Best Spots For A Golf Holiday

Liverpool has a lot to offer ardent golfers, but there’s more you can do beyond this vibrant city. There are perfect destinations to rack up all the fun and combine the passion for this sport with an unforgettable vacation experience. This article lists the ideal spots outside of Liverpool for a perfect golf holiday:

1. The Central Coast, Australia

The Central Coast is a haven for ardent golfers as it rolls out a series of world-class golf courses, scenic beaches, and high-end restaurants and accommodations. Located only 1.5 hours away from Sydney, this destination offers you all the fun for the value of each dollar you spend. Thus, you can create memories worth remembering if you’re planning a dream getaway.

The area offers golf courses with undulating greens and picture-perfect spots, including Magenta Shores, Kooindah Waters, and Shelley Beach. Moreover, the area’s accommodations include the popular Sandy Cove Apartments with the highest modern living standards. Enjoy the scenic lake and ocean views, a soothing sea breeze, spa sessions, and other amenities the apartment offers.

2. St. Andrews, Scotland

Scotland, believed to be the home of golf and where it originated from, is also an ideal spot beyond Liverpool for a perfect golf holiday. The country offers a vast range of golf courses with spectacular landscapes by the sea, on islands, and near lochs and moorlands, taking your golfing holiday experience to unimaginable levels. The town is located on the east coast of Fife, 30 miles northeast of Edinburg and 10 miles southeast of Dundee.  

You can test out the ‘Old Course’ at St. Andrews Links and stay your nights away at the high-end Hotel du Vin villa. Still, the Royal Dornoch golf course can be ideal as it’s spectacularly positioned by the sea. You can retreat to the Links House with country-themed accommodation. St. Andrews offers a bit of variety to the things you can do in Liverpool. Treat yourself to this spectacular golfing destination to amass all the fun you need.

Beyond Liverpool - The 4 Best Spots For A Golf Holiday

3. Oregon, USA (Bandon Dunes)

Oregon, a state in the United States, can be your ideal golfing spot to make the most of your holiday. The state is a golf course gallery, widely dotted across its expanse, totalling 208. 

But while virtually every golf course can be ideal, a particularly state-of-the-art destination can be the Bandon Dunes, which have about five golf courses that closely resemble the traditional and unique cache of Scottish Links. This spot is located 10 minutes away from the seaside town of Bandon and 35 minutes away from the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend. 

Bandon Dunes has no bad golf courses, as all measure up to world-class golf course standards. The Bandon Dunes Golf Course can offer the perfect start, and you can double the fun by visiting the Pacific Dunes. 

Moreover, the Bandon Trails and the Old MacDonald golf courses are all ideal spots to create the best memories. Still, please don’t forget to sample out the Sheep Ranch and Bandon Preserve golf courses as you wind up your holiday. You can also stay at Bandon Dunes lodges, including Chrome Lake Lofts, The Inn, and Lily Pond, with incredible sea views and best-value services. 

4. The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve has recently become a sought-after destination for golfers who want to combine their passion for the game with vacations. The area’s incredible history, stunning cliff-backed beaches, and picturesque red-roofed village houses are the highlights of everyone’s golfing holiday. Moreover, the spectacular golf courses rolling out through the province will make it hard to decide where to go. 

The province has some of the best beaches worldwide, with undulating, picture-perfect greens and fairways, incredible landscapes, and fascinating seaside views. The Vale do Lobo Ocean Golf Course can be your perfect start, and the Quinta do Lago South Golf Course can pique your interest as you bathe in the tanning sun. 

Moreover, the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course hosts major international tournaments, which defines the golfing quality and experience you’ll get. As you wind up your day of golfing, you can rest at some of the best accommodations in the Algarve, including the Hilton Vilamoura, Vila Vita Parc Resort, and Four Seasons Vilamoura Resorts. 


While Liverpool has some of the best golfing spots to make your holidays memorable, you can still go beyond and taste some of the world’s best. But as you make these plans, make early accommodation bookings and research the best times of the year to have your golf holiday at each destination. That’ll offer much-needed peace of mind and enable you to maximise your golfing holidays.


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