When we last properly caught up and had a chat with Ben Burke in August 2019, there were plenty on the cards for him to say the least and, if you weren’t aware, lots of plans grinded to a halt not too long afterwards. As with many, the drive to continue on didn’t stop with him. In September the following year he released his wonderful single The Life I Left Behind which had brilliant reviews.

Back in the driving seat, he’s got new music on the horizon with his latest single Come Around and we’re always happy to shout about it. This particular track is picking up from the growing Americana folk scene that’s bubbling away at the heart of Liverpool’s vast music scene.

Burke’s vocals does lend itself very well to this style, and his acoustic guitar playing sitting underneath some lovely slide guitar is the icing on the cake. Come Around is about longing for something/someone you have not seen for a long time and the excitement of knowing the reunion is just around the corner.’

The chorus’s simplicity is a nod to the community ‘sing-along’ vibe that the song gives off in that easy listening kind of way, and no doubt will earn itself a place in most people’s heads for the next few hours.

We’ll let his music do the rest of the talking.
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Michael Fell