Local artist Ben Burke is set to release his fantastic new single The Life I Left Behind on the 18 September. His previous singles The Winds of Change and Leaving Tomorrow proved to be very successful for Burke and I’ve no doubt this track will be too.

Formerly of the well known Liverpool band The Stamp, Ben Burke is now embarking on a solo career. He has recently paired up with local independent record label Nifty Records. Burke’s music really emulates the ‘Mersey sound’ of our homegrown artists that we know and love and writes tracks filled with catchy hooks and melodies to draw you in.

The song immediately bursts into life with the perfectly paired guitar and drums making you feel as if you should be listening to this track on a sunny day, beer in hand! Burke’s vocals compliment the track even more with his beautiful tone and passionate delivery, not too dissimilar to the vocals of bands such as the Kooks. The instrumentation continues to impress throughout the track with the Lead Guitar riff later on in the song really adding to the Indie vibe already established earlier on. The guitar solo in particular is impressive and creates a nice change to the track.

One thing that cannot go unnoticed is how catchy this song is. Within the first verse you feel as if you are already able to sing along and by the end of the chorus, I defy anyone not to be tapping their feet! Paired with the catchy melodies in this track are of course the fantastic lyrics written by Burke, in particular the seamless rhyming couplets throughout. The lyrics are relatable and you feel as if Burke is singing about your own life. 

There is no doubt that Liverpool’s vibrant and famous musical history has inspired this song, with the latter half of the song showing echoes of the Beatles, especially the ending which has you yearning for more of the song, much like the ending of the classic She Loves You.

Ben Burke is definitely one to watch on the Liverpool scene, as well as this new single, he is also working on his highly anticipated EP and I for one cannot wait to hear it!

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Listen to Ben’s current tracks ahead of the release of The Life I Left Behind on Spotify and pre-save his new single here.

Helen Maw