Wet Pelican Astral Coast

I arrived at Astral Coast on Saturday, a cloudy but very muggy day, don’t think I’ve been that sweaty before a gig. The bands were already blasting out the tune; I could hear the slamming of bass and twanging of guitars as I walked by to find the entrance to The Floral Pavilion. Located right on the coast of New Brighton in the Wirral, there’s an inviting atmosphere surrounding the area, it seems surprising to me as so many of our coasts have become dreary haunted places. Not New Brighton, not today and not when Astral Coast is on.

This is the third year for Astral Coast, it is a 12 hour spectacular for the best up and coming artists in the area. The event not only supports fresh music, but was also set up to encourage the discussion of depression, anxiety and mental health in general, specifically through the use of creative outputs instead of the traditional clinical methods. Music is part of life, sometimes a comfort and even part of a healing process, just like any creative output.

To find out more about Astral Coast go to http://astralcoast.co.uk/

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long, but I had enough time to see Wet Pelican, and I’m glad I did! The six piece are currently sharing their time between Liverpool and Manchester, but dedicated Saturday to New Brighton. They have a sound to get excited about, pumped full of energy. Clear influences from Psychedelic Rock twist in and out of their music on top of an array of inspirations,from The Beatles to The Coral (The Coral weirdly coming from the Wirral peninsula). There was also a big tip of the cap to Pink Floyd, during their set, images of the infamous Floyd were projected to form the band’s backdrop, a perfect setting whilst lead singer, Liam Whittle, sang “Raised on rock n’roll”

Wet Pelican’s set was packed with energy from start to finish, I have admiration for any musician with the balls to get up on stage and showcase something as personal as their own writing, a task not made easier by a smaller audience. Wet Pelican don’t just offer their music up to see if you might like it or not, it’s thrust at you in a spirit befitting the Rock n’ Roll stance this band clearly stands for.

Tracks are available on iTunes and Spotify. But I encourage you to go and see them live; their stage performance is filled with a rough power that is well worth the trip out.

For more information about the band head here http://www.reverbnation.com/wetpelican & visit their Facebook Page Here.

Emily Wright