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New Noise February 2024 Music Roundup

January doesn’t seem to be the longest month anymore, and as life seems to get quicker, the first month of the year seems to disappear in a flash. But the second month of 2024 gifts some great local musical releases to our ears…

First up we have The Guize, who never ever disappoint. Bardo House, their new single, is full of great tune-age and riff-age, delivered with a huge dollop of Guize campness. This would be a great contender for a Halloween song, and would put a great smile on the faces of the dressed up trick or treaters. These guys know how to deliver exactly what we want.

The Guize Band
The Guize

Kiera Marsland with Annie, is another Big Condo Records release. And it’s special. Starts off with the sound of a steam train and then quickly morphs into a song the great Johnny Cash would be proud to sing. One thing’s for sure is that Ms Marsland has a really distinct voice which is extremely pleasing to these ears.Due out at the end of the month, we just can’t wait.

Neven’s How Are We delivers a confident slab of blues rock with an ear worm chorus and an abundance of dirty guitar work. Sonically enthusiastic, it obvious that Neven has the blue’s chops to succeed.

The ever faithful Euan Blackman gives us technically a January release, but due to a technical error we are including it now. Rent Free On My Brain is his second ep release, and consists of four tracks of introspective, melancholic brilliance, reminiscent of the great Emilio Pinchi. These ears are loving this. Bedroom pop at its very finest. A hint that this song-writers star is rising?

Jamie Webster - 10 For The People Album artwork

Last but not least we have Jamie Webster, the Modern Sky standard bearer and beloved son of The Kop, who serves up his new album 10 For The People, which actually has eleven tracks and a collaboration with Billy Bragg. Its always good to have a link with a living musical legend. Webster delivers bucketloads of joy, angst and massive choruses that will be enjoyed by the faithful and the Johnny Come Lately’s in equal measure. Out Feb 2 2024.

Additionally, be sure to check out our review of Novelty Island’s new EP, Taped Over, out on 2 Feb.

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Sebastian Saint Morne


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