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Tonight (17 March) the city is unusually busy for a Sunday. St Patrick’s day has brought everyone out and the bars are full! But outside the O2 Academy is a long line of people, varying in age, all waiting patiently for the doors to open. Whilst the rest of the city may be showing green, here at the O2 Academy it’s black and red as mighty Welsh rock band Feeder bring their U.K. tour to the city in support of their new double album Black/Red.

Here to start the night off right is Chilli Jesson. The former Palma Violets’ vocalist is here to bring his alt-indie sound to the stage. Kicking things off with the fiery 2022 song Carolina Reaper; the stage is alive with movement.

Chilli Jesson
Chilli Jesson. Photo Credit: @eyes_widephotography

Jesson does not stay in one place for too long, often frantically moving around the stage. Further along, the crowd is treated to the latest single Icarus. If the crowd weren’t fans before, it looks like they might be now, as movement begins and each song is met with rapturous applause.

It’s also important to note how strong Jesson’s vocal performance is tonight, backed by an on-point supporting band. It’s easy to see why Chilli Jesson has been picked for tonight’s support slot. As the set hits the final song, Jesson and the band power through a booming performance of Palma Violets’ hit Best Friends. As the final chords ring out, the band leave the stage, leaving a last impression on the crowd they have left behind.

Feeder. Photo Credit: @eyes_widephotography
Feeder. Photo Credit: @eyes_widephotography

Tonight’s headline act have been in the game for a long time and, as a result, have a whopping 11 albums, multiple no.1 singles and an array of awards. Tonight Feeder bring their huge back catalogue to Liverpool, alongside a selection of new songs from their upcoming 12th album Black/Red.

As the main lights dim, red lights begin to flicker across the stage and, one by one, the band take to the stage to loud cheers from an eager crowd. First song of the night, ELF, is directly from the new album. Bathed in red light, the band power through the first song before moving onto 2019’s Kyoto. By song 3, we’re heading into fan favourite territory with a fantastic performance of Feeling a Moment. Vocalist Grant Nicholas takes complete control of the crowd, leading huge sing-alongs throughout each chorus, whilst bassist Taka Hirose gives an energetic performance. Although newer songs are well received, it’s the older songs which really draw the crowd in.

Feeder. Photo Credit: @eyes_widephotography
Photo Credit: @eyes_widephotography

Throughout the set, Grant’s interactions with the crowd are effortless; telling stories whilst also talking enthusiastically about the importance of physical media within the music industry, and how every aspect of a physical release is part of the experience. Following this, Grant dedicates the next song, Feeder’s new single Lost In The Wilderness, to an 8 year old girl in the crowd who is attending her first gig; something that no doubt made her experience all the more special. An early set highlight is Fear of Flying, taken from 2019’s album Tallulah. The chorus once again has fans singing along and chanting, before heading back in time to 2002’s Just The Way I’m Feeling. This is one of the more emotional moments during the set, and evidently a popular song amongst the crowd.

Throughout their huge setlist, Grant is active on stage, po-going and showing genuine signs of enjoyment. Hirose puts on a fantastic performance, strutting back and forth across his section of the stage; proving that bassists are in fact pretty cool. As the set nears its end, Grant says his goodbyes to the crowd before jumping into Feeder’s most popular song to date, Buck Rogers. The first chords bring the crowd alive and voices ring out through the venue.

As the band leave the stage there are chants for more. As is expected from most shows these days, Feeder come back to the stage to perform an encore; first playing new song Soldiers of Love before ending the night on an almighty high with classic Just a Day.

After much applause and chanting, the night is over. The crowd left in awe and the band was full of appreciation for those who came out to support them tonight. Feeder’s new album ‘Black/Red’ is due to be released on 5 April, and the band will be back in Liverpool for an intimate album release show at Jacaranda Baltic on the 6 April.

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