Jazz Camp For Girls 2024 Takes Centre Stage in Liverpool

Parrjazz, the University of Liverpool/ The Tung Auditorium and Jazz North are proud to present Jazz Camp for Girls 2024: The Concert.

The culmination of two days of workshops, this concert celebrating Jazz Camp For Girls 2024 will be hosted by broadcaster Ngunan Adamu.

Liverpool’s second-ever Jazz Camp For Girls provides the opportunity for young female-identifying musicians to experience jazz music and explore improvisation in a supportive environment.

The camps are designed for musicians and vocalists years 8-10, with no or little experience of improvising and aim to inspire them through a range of activities celebrating the work of women in the jazz industry.

Jazz Camp for Girls was inspired by ‘Jazzcamp for Piger’ a successful initiative developed by Jazz Denmark and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival to introduce young female musicians to improvisation, with an emphasis on improvisation and finding their own voice.

The team are proud to present the outcome of these workshops featuring; Ngunan Adamu, Geni Lamb, Sarah Sands and Kaya Herstad Carney, graduates and students from the University of Liverpool, and the fabulous participants.

Jazz Camp For Girls 2024: The Concert
25 June
The Tung Auditorium


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