How To Kick Off Your Stag Do In Commensurate Style

Starting a stag do at home can be a hugely cost-efficient way to make the most of the day. You get to pre-game for whatever main events you have planned later on without paying premium prices for drinks; you also get to control the pace of the day from the very beginning, depending on everyone’s comfort levels – especially the groom’s. But how best can you fill that time, without making a stag do feel like a cheap day?

Of course, the following tips are also suitable for any residential stag trips, such as weekends away in cottages, lodges or even abroad. Simply gather the right equipment in time and you’ll have the perfect way to start each day. Here we go!

Beer Pong

We’ll start things off here with an absolute classic drinking game, and one which can easily nestle in to any social occasion. The rules of beer pong are simple and near-universally understood. Drinking vessels are filled with a beverage and lined up in ‘ten-pin’ formation either side of a ping pong table, belonging to two players or teams. Each player takes a turn throwing a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s vessels; landing a shot means the opposing team drink!

The only things you need for this game are plastic cups, ping pong balls, a table and, of course, the drink. You can use any drink you like, from nasty spirits to delicious craft beers – just make sure you buy your pale ales in advance, to make setting up the game much more spontaneous.

Wizard’s Staff

Wizard’s Staff is another quintessential addition to the stag game pantheon, and a particularly fun game for the high fantasy fans out there. The concept is simple; you build a staff out of your finished cans, with the objective being to create the largest intact staff by the end of the day. You could make things extra interesting by taking your staffs with you when you leave the house, and seeing how long they last!

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a simple, quick bit of fun you can introduce alongside other games and activities, to keep people on their toes and make for a fun pay-off later in the night. Basically, if the stag sits down, everyone else has to. The last person to get their bum on a seat is forced to wear a ridiculous item of clothing until the game is played again. The stag may be forced to wear the clothing if no one else sits down at all.

Drunk Jenga

Lastly, adding ‘drunk’ as a prefix to any game is a sure-fire way to make it fun – but drunk Jenga is on another level entirely. Let your motor skills suffer a little by indulging in a game or three of beer pong, then try out an intense game of Jenga one-on-one. You could even write dares and forfeits on each block, to make things even more exciting.


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