Best Cities For Education In The UK

When planning a move, a number of considerations might occur to us. Among the most pressing of these, for a certain kind of household, might be the quality of the local education. Having access to an excellent local school can be a deal-maker for many properties, and this is typically reflected in higher house prices around the best of them.

The presence of a strong education system can also have knock-on effects that make a city more pleasant to live in. Good schools tend to correlate with good culture and a strong community – and so it’s something worth thinking about, even if you aren’t planning on sending any children to school any time soon.


The capital is home to many of the nation’s outstanding-rated schools. If you’re already a native Londoner, then it’s a good idea to plan as far in advance as possible – make the move before your kids reach the relevant age, and you’ll have a better chance of being accepted. According to Snobe rankings, the best schools in London are: Richard Cloudesley School in Islington, Gladesmore in Haringey, and New Rush Hall in Redbridge. Each has been given an outstanding rating by Ofsted.


When it comes to culture and history, Liverpool punches well above its weight. There are excellent universities in the city, and a plethora of outstanding schools. Alongside the University of Liverpool, students might consider John Moores University and Liverpool Hope. The city also excels when it comes to vocational education: whatever skill you’re looking to pick up, there’s a technical college here that will help you.

When it comes to schools in Liverpool, you’re sure to find plenty of religious diversity, with Islamic, Anglican, Catholic and Jewish schools all available.


When it comes to education, few cities in the world can match the history and prestige of Oxford. The famous university here was established way back in the 11th century, which makes it the second oldest university behind Bologna. There’s also another university to consider (Oxford Brookes), and a number of excellent, quality schools.

Practical advantages to life in Oxford come in the form of its excellent transport links to London, and its wealth of quality new-build homes, which are sure to make a move here that much more feasible and enjoyable.


If you’d prefer to venture further north, then the bustling student culture in Newcastle might be attractive. There’s more to the city than its famous nightlife, however: there are twenty-seven schools in the city rated outstanding by Ofsted, which gives it a better per-capita showing than London. If you’re already based in the northeast, it’s an obvious choice; if you’re not, then it’s still worth considering!


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