Flexible Working – What Are The Benefits?

For some people, the thought of going into the office gives them the shivers, and for others, they thrive on the interactions and unity that come with a healthy workspace. You might find that you are somewhere in between and need that flexibility.

Many people will fall into the latter category for the welcome option of balance, and there is good reason for this, as there are many different benefits that come with flexible working.

But what are they? Let’s take a look at some.

1. Reduce Stress and Burnout

Stress and burnout are really common when you are in the office 9-5 every day. There is not a lot of time to decompress, especially if you are eating your lunch in the office kitchen. If you are someone who needs down time or time to recharge away from people, it is pretty difficult to find that at the office. With flexible working, you can give yourself that time to rest and recover when you need it so you don’t reach a burnout level.

2. Better Work Life Balance

A work life balance has never been more difficult yet so essential. Every day, people are working multiple jobs just to meet the cost-of-living requirements, and there seems to be little time to enjoy anything else. Having a job that offers ‘cost of living’ pay along with flexible working hours means that people have more time to enjoy life. This can leave them refreshed for work, more productive, and more positive. A balance like this is essential to prevent health issues, which can be really damaging in the long run.

3. Greater Talent Diversity

Some companies are still on the fence about offering flexible work, which is strange considering you should employ people you trust to get their work done. For those who still haven’t made the switch to flexible working, businesses are missing out on a greater and more diverse pool of talent. If businesses don’t offer hybrid or work from home positions, they are limiting themselves to people who happen to be in the area. While that isn’t inherently a bad thing, there could be people who are much better suited for a role and the company elsewhere who are prevented from contributing because of logistics. Opening up flexible working for employees and new roles means you will have many more applicants to choose from, making sure you get the best of the bunch! If you want a space where your employees can collaborate but don’t want to fork out for a part-time office, try

4)  Improve Morale in the Workplace

It can be a slippery slope when losing morale in the workplace, and one of the side effects of this that businesses need to worry about is atmosphere and productivity. When morale is low, employees are far more less likely to work to their best, and it makes sense that if employees don’t feel trusted or appreciated, this can affect how they perform.


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