What is the nature of scientific truth? FACT’s new exhibition No Such Thing As Gravity explores the limits of science where the absence of established facts may leave room for new theories, alternative science, and conspiracy theories.

This exhibition shines a light on those areas of science that can cause  unease and controversy because of the public’s fascination with alternative science, conspiracy theories and irrational beliefs. Curated by Rob La Frenais, the exhibition features work by Tania Candiani, Gina Czarnecki & John Hunt, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Nick Laessing, Nahum Mantra, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Helen Pynor and Sarah Sparkes (also exhibiting at Williamson Tunnels), whose work demonstrates that science is a continuing quest for knowledge, where there are many unanswered mysteries to be resolved.

For more information about No Such Thing As Gravity visit the FACT website here