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Deliveroo Adds Liverpudlian Twist To Restaurant Menus Ahead of Eurovision Song Contest

To celebrate the start of Europe’s biggest song contest in Liverpool, food delivery company, Deliveroo, has joined forces with Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton and a selection of local Liverpool restaurants to launch ‘Deliver-pudlian’ menus – phonetically spelt menus to celebrate the much-loved Liverpudlian accent, and help visitors get down with the lingo. 

Upwards of 100,000 additional visitors are expected to arrive in Liverpool to watch the song contest**. The phonetically spelt menus — ​​translated with the help of Liverpudlian popstar ​​— Natasha Hamilton, are launching in five of Liverpool’s best foodie spots (Big BunsPICNICRenshaw (Nduo Sushi)Spitroast, and Yum Cha)* for visitors to experience, both in-store and on the Deliveroo app and website from Wednesday 3 May to Saturday 13 May.

Aside from The Beatles, their sense of humour and beloved football teams, Scousers are also famous across the globe for their distinctive pronunciation. In fact, research from Deliveroo reveals Liverpudlian (or Scouse) (11%), alongside Scottish (22%) and Geordie (8%) top the list of British accents that the nation finds hardest to understand.

With a melting pot of new dialects arriving in the city to soak up the party atmosphere, the brand new ‘Deliver-pudlian’ menus will leave no room for interpretation, wrong orders or the need to repeat oneself – helpful for the 49% of Brits who say that they’ve often been misunderstood because of their accent. In particular, the menus will accommodate those who simply nod and smile (48%) when they can’t understand the native dialect, 22% of people who turn to Google translate, and people who ask locals for help with translation (25%).

Aisha Jefferson at Deliveroo said “Home to some of the world’s best comedians, Liverpudlians have a wicked sense of humour and so do our local restaurants who jumped at the chance to launch the ‘Deliver-pudlian’ menus. We hope they help new visitors celebrate the local culture and successfully order great food during their stay, whether on Deliveroo or dining in at some of our best local restaurants. For the 29% of Brits who will tune into the song contest at home with their favourite local takeaway, we’ve translated the in-app menus too so that customers can test their Liverpudlian lingo skills at home.”

Natasha Hamilton, who is performing at the opening of the song contest, said“As a fellow Liverpudlian, it makes me feel whole again to know that people from all over Europe will be able to enjoy and get a taste of our much-loved Liverpudlian culture, through music and food, thanks to Deliveroo’s ‘Deliver-pudlian’ menus. Don’t forget to check out the new menus when ordering your ‘beh-geh’ or ‘buh-reet-ew’ across some of the top local food hotspots from Wednesday 3rd May (in store or on the app).”

Luci Mckeown from PICNIC restaurant said: “With thousands of people descending on our city in May, we wanted to give all our new customers a HUGE Liverpudlian welcome by translating our menus to help them learn the lingo while they’re here! We’ve worked with Deliveroo and much-loved popstar and scouser Natasha Hamilton to help write and launch our new menu. Whether you are ordering in the restaurant or via the Deliveroo app, we want to hear visitors’ best pronunciation of our “a-loo-mee buh-reet-ews’ and ‘proh-peh salts an’ pe-ppah ships’…”

Deliveroo adds Liverpudlian twist to restaurant menus ahead of Eurovision Yum Cha

Launching in-store and on the Deliveroo app and website from Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 13th May in five local Liverpool restaurants across the city (including PICNIC, Spitroast, Big Buns, Nduo Sushi and Yum Cha*), the Scouse menus are a light-hearted celebration of the city of Liverpool as well as a fun experience (or helping hand) for song-contest goers arriving in their droves from countries across Europe.

European music fans visiting the city, as well as Liverpool residents, can experience the celebratory ‘Deliver-pudlian menus’ in person or via the Deliveroo app or website when ordering their favourite food from the five local restaurants from Wednesday 3 May to Saturday 13 May. 

* Consumers can order from the ‘Deliver-pudlian’ menus via the Deliveroo app or website, as well as in restaurants located across the city of Liverpool, please see below overview of locations and opening times:

Available in-store and via Deliveroo app or website:

  • Big Buns, Only available on via the  Deliveroo app and website, Opening Hours: 2pm-1am (Monday to Sunday)
  • PICNIC, 509a Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 5AE, Opening Hours: 11:30am-9pm (Monday to Friday), 10am-9pm (Saturday), 10am-8pm (Sunday)
  • Renshaw (Nduo Sushi), 89 Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 2SP, Opening Hours: 11am-10pm (Sunday to Thursday), 11am-11pm (Friday to Saturday)
  • Spitroast, 505 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 5AE, Opening Hours: 11:30am-9pm (Monday to Thursday), 11:30am-10pm (Friday), 12pm-10pm (Saturday), 12pm-8pm (Sunday)

In-store ONLY:

  • Yum Cha, 99 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UP, Opening Hours: 12pm-9pm (Sunday to Thursday), 12:30pm-9:30pm (Friday to Saturday)

** Liverpool City Region Combined Authority March ’23.


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