Castle St Townhouse has welcomed a head chef and general manager to its growing team of 30. 

Set to open in the heart of Liverpool’s bustling commercial district next month, the all-day dining and drinking destination has appointed Martin Simm, 32, as head chef and Kyle Dottie, 29, as general manager.

Having each worked in the hospitality industry for more than a decade, the pair bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, after holding roles in various independent establishments and renowned chains.

Owner and director of Castle St Townhouse Jason McNeill said: “The team and I are thrilled to have welcomed both Martin and Kyle on board during this exciting time. Ahead of our opening to the public, the pair is working collaboratively to craft a unique offering that complements our concept of all-day dining. Our aim is to offer a distinctively elegant concept combined with immaculate service, which appeals to the city’s early-risers and night-owls alike. In a bid to blur the lines between social meetings and cocktail nights, we will merge the ‘Three B’s’ (breakfast, brunch and bar) to provide a relaxed, quintessentially British venue that is integral within the Liverpool business and social circuit.

“With foodie lovers in mind, Martin will create ample brunch offerings that comprise locally sourced dishes, delivering a unique taste of nostalgia and thanks to his creative culinary flair, we are the first venue in the city to serve breakfast ‘afternoon tea’, aptly named the Townhouse Tier. Working alongside him, Kyle will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the venue to ensure that the atmosphere, attention to detail and the lighting and music reflect the food and drink while also matching the time of day.”

Throughout his career, Martin has worked for esteemed brands around Liverpool including Hanover Street Social, Host and The Quarter. He’s also cooked in other cities in the UK, Spain, Sydney and Melbourne. Martin is now the driving force behind the venue’s novel breakfast and brunch focus.

Martin said: “What attracted me to Castle St Townhouse was its unique approach to offer a sunrise to sundown experience. Whilst working across the globe, I have obtained many techniques and skills in different cuisines, which have ultimately helped shape the menu options served at Castle St Townhouse. By combining various taste infusions with locally sourced produce, the dishes will be the perfect accompaniment for an early morning breakfast meeting, midday get-togethers and nights out.”

Prior to his appointment as general manager, Kyle has undertaken a number of managerial positions in a range of independent bars, restaurants and notable pub chains including Veeno, Button Street Smokehouse and Town & City Pub Company to name a few.

Kyle said: “Unlike the more traditional forms of day-to-day running of a venue, I am excited to be a part of Castle St Townhouse’s unique ‘breakfast, brunch and bar’ concept that transitions throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. The idea of the venue is to cater for our guests whatever their mood and whatever the time of day, because you really are a different person at breakfast, lunch and after work.”

Castle St Townhouse is currently looking for hospitality stars who are passionate about service including bar tenders and servers. For more information visit