Venus Demilo are taking 2021 in their stride with their 2nd single release of the year: Alone in My Head. 
Born out of lockdown and filtered quickly though the creative process thanks to the bands own recording facilities and home setups, it’s truly an in-depth look into the difficulties facing those in the arts and having the time to mull and worries to be brought to the boil.
It’s following on from their first single which, based around a similar theme, stamps a wonderful quality and freedom to have good days and bad days when it comes to one’s mental health.
As Venus Demilo show here with a relatively upbeat vibe to the song, the ability to mix the helpless lyrics with this catchy melody proves a success. The mood can be summed up by Venus Demilo’s own Tom Anderson’s words:
one half of me was saying this shit will never end and the other half was saying don’t be so dramatic
The bass is the star of the show in the opening, giving a real funky undertone to the track. Their signature ‘modern pop’ sound comes through synths padding out the backing over a crunchy, low-fi rhythm section.
The lyrics jump out, however, with the repetition ‘stop myself from falling’, it’s sure that this is the part you’ll be singing to yourself later!
It seems their slight break from music has been the key to success, and back with a bang, there’s plenty more in the tank it seems. Championed by the likes of Dave Monks BBC Introducing, you’d better jump on to the songs now so you’ll know the words singing along to them on a main stage somewhere in the future.
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Michael Fell