Venus Demilo are ending 2020 with the release of Live At Parr Street Studios

In a year that  has seen a sudden halt to touring for all artists, the band have been desperate to perform in whatever way they can. This has seen them performing remotely for Amazing Radio and Liverpool Digital Music Festival along with several other online platforms. They also released an impromptu, homemade single Chaos which was picked up by BBC Introducing Merseyside and on BBC Radio 6 Music by Tom Robinson. 

Parr Street Studios has been an integral part of Venus Demilo’s story so far as a band. It’s where they’ve recorded their entire catalogue to date and is also home to vocalist Tom’s studio where he works as a producer. With the restrictions 2020 has brought the band haven’t been able to record there as much as they would have liked so when the opportunity arose to come back in, they recorded Live At Parr Street Studios to perform in Studio A one last time before it’s expected closure in the new year. 

The tracklist on the album is a collection of songs that have all been recorded at Parr Street from their early singles Sophia, Sinking Ships and Bite My Tongue to tracks from their more recent EPs The Rest Is Just Noise and Northern Lights

Venus Demilo Live at Parr Street

When asked about why it’s such an important place to the band, frontman Tom responded “Parr Street has an almost mythical reputation in Liverpool. When we first recorded there we were bombarded with mates asking us all about it. It was like we’d been to the White House. At first you’re blown away by the place itself; it’s a musician’s heaven. After spending a bit of time there though you realise it’s the quality of the pros working there that is where the magic really stems from”. 

The video has been overseen by Liverpool based production company Polyphonica. The footage release of Venus Demilo – Live At Parr Street Studios will be premiered on the Facebook pages of Venus Demilo, Parr Street Studios and Polyphonica at 8pm on Monday 7 December. It will also be released on YouTube at the same time, with the full album available on all major platforms from Friday 11 December. 

The video can be viewed prior to it’s release via the following YouTube link.

The live album can be pre-saved on Spotify prior to it’s release via the following link: