Those missing the live music experience will want to check out The Moon is a Fake Moon; a short film recorded live at our beloved Invisible Wind Factory.

The film is an impressive collaborative effort from local creatives. Directed by Tommy Husband (ex Warp Films), musician Joel C Murray of Barberos and aPAtT performs three previously unreleased tracks. The collaboration was complete with Caroline Smith on camera, Rory Ballantyne on sound, and the IWF’s own Venya Krutikov on lighting design.

Feast your eyes and ears on this hypnotic and meditative overload of the senses. Across the three tracks; More Air, Inner Void & The Moon Is A Fake Moon, Murray explores musical form and structure through the use of a drum kit, loop pedals and a repurposed guitar FX pedal. The tracks are described as ‘composed yet also improvised’ – taking the bare bones of a composition which are then fleshed out when performed, creating a different outcome each time.

Every bit of this project has been clearly explored and thought out to create an immersive experience for the audience. Each little detail, down to the positioning of the lights that allowed the hits of the drums to control them, immerses the viewer in memories of smoky dancefloors and hazy faces. If you aren’t already, then this film will have you gagging for a time when we can all experience this for real again. When we eventually regain some normality, I will be first in line for a ticket to see this performed live.

Check out The Moon is a Fake Moon here, where you can read more information about the incredible lighting set up. 

Rach Hankin