The new offering from local band The Gentle Scars shows their extensive Punk/Indie rock credentials to the full. The EP features 3 original songs and a cover of a Mel-O-Tones track, ‘Burton Buzz’. Having caught the band live at Threshold V, I was interested to hear their recorded material.

The first track, ‘Invaders’ was all atmosphere, moody in a good way – angst at its best. The strong, slightly tortured vocals and plentiful guitar riffs gave the piece strength and depth. The title track of the record, ‘Invaders’ is a great track for those who like a little drama in their music, which is something I feel this band do very well.

‘Dirty Like You’ was more standard fare, a likeable indie track, but, in my opinion, the weakest on the EP. The strong guitars were still present, and the overall effect was well produced, but I felt the track lacked punch.

‘Shadow of a Kiss’ was back to the atmospheric moodiness The Gentle Scars do excellently.

Lyrically, the track worked very well for me, as I liked the romantically dystopian vision the words induced. All the slightly theatrical elements were back, pulling the listener in, giving the track enough nuance and melodic variation to hold the listener’s interest for almost 8 minutes.

The Mel-O-Tones cover, ‘Burton Buzz’, was a more up-beat affair, the drums coming to the fore, a welcome introduction into the mix. The excellent vocals and guitars were still present, but the track was a faster, heart-quickening number. Full of verve, the song made full use of the more pared- down sound, to fully show the punk aspect of the band’s output.

I was glad to hear The Gentle Scars recorded material, as when I saw them live the vocals got a little lost in the mix, when it was apparent that they needed to be at the forefront of the music. My favourites on the EP were the title track ‘Invaders’ and ‘Shadow of a Kiss’, which showcased the claustrophobic artistry of some of their output. The EP as a whole shows The Gentle Scars have staked a claim to their place in the current indie rock scene.

For More Info On The Gentle Scars Visit Their Facebook Page & Listen To Their Tracks Here.

Roxy Gillespie