The Army of Noise is an innovative theatrical production merging puppetry, video-projection mapping and live turntablism provided by DJ Rasp.

Think digital theatre production merging puppetry, 3D video-projection mapping and a Live DJ…

“Sometimes the voices inside our head are all we have left. They speak of the things we fear the most, make the sounds we need tohear and compose our innner song, enabling our souls to dance. It’s just sometimes… sometimes other people’s frequencies that get in the way. Asher is a selectively mute, world hating, teenage loner. His school work is failing and he’s on the brink of expulsion. After discovering a pair of mysterious turntables, he is catapulted to the deepest depths of his imagination. There he must recruit ‘The Army Of Noise’ and defeat his inner demon, Emperor Sylence.”

Constellations welcomes, The Army of Noise
Running from Tuesday February 17th – Wednesday February 24th
Tickets Available Here