We all know that eating well, on a budget can be a challenge and with day to day life often feeling so hectic it can sometimes be difficult to make something fresh and healthy at home to the  eat on the go. Whilst we all aim to be as healthy as possible, it’s no secret that a double cheeseburger with extra fries sounds a little more tempting than a superfood salad, especially during a stressful working day. However, if you are looking to eat a little better but aren’t sure about where to start, then Liverpool’s new superfood venture, Bite Club could be just what you’re looking for. Nutritious, made fresh, super healthy and most importantly, delicious, your lunchtime problems are now solved.

Bite Club has a main aim of providing delicious and nutritious yet convenient food and have made it so ‘grab and go’ doesn’t just mean a Tesco Meal Deal. With their stand now situated inside the Capital Building in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district, they are in the perfect spot for super rushed 9-5 goers that are looking for convenience food and with the amount of delicious choice available from Bite Club we predict it’s going to be a popular lunch hangout.

Bite club liverpool healthy food

Running down at lunch to see what the fuss was about, we were given the Thai chicken Slaw and the Beetroot and Feta salad to try. The no-nonsense, well packaged grub states the calories and protein on the front, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Both of our salads were delicious choices, with the fragrant, oriental flavours of the Thai chicken salad mixed with sweet peanut satay coming out on top – for 232 calories this was very satisfying and no taste was compromised. Other meals include Asian Prawn Noodles, Chinese chicken and veggie options such as a classic falafel and humous with a Moroccan twist. Yum.

Bite Club have ensured to include scientifically recommended superfood in all of their boxes so you know that what you’re getting is definitely going to benefit you nutritionally and whilst you can’t put a price on health, at £4.25 for a large salad which includes a homemade dressing, you really are getting a good deal. A much better choice than the processed junk you can buy in supermarkets that quite often disguises itself as a healthy option. Better still, if you are really pushed for time and can’t leave the office, Bite Club will deliver a salad of your choice at no extra cost! Simply download their easy to use app to choose your amazing flavour, all creatively put together by the Bite Club team.

So join the healthy revolution in your next lunch break by giving Bite Club a go. You won’t be sorry!

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Laura Nicholson