A Liverpool street artist has been hard at work creating a huge public mural at Shenanigans Irish Pub on Tithebarn Street.

Artist Calum Medforth was behind the impressive new street art which pays homage to Liverpool’s rich historic connection to Ireland through the 1800’s when the building was built. 

I decided to make the main theme of the mural to be about the docks and the influx of Irish dock workers who helped build the city to what is has become today.” Calum told us.

“For the main feature I decided to create an imaginary Irish dockworker as a giant who is loosely based on the pub’s logo with his red moustache and winking eye. His coat which also acts as stage curtains revealing the entrance to the pub hosting a traditional Irish band is being pulled open from the life sized workers appearing from inside barrels and boxes shipped to the docks.

Mural at Shenanigans Irish Pub Liverpool
The pub used to be called The Rising Sun so I included this contentedly looking over the infamous Liverpool skyline with a mischievous moon on the other side of the sky to balance this out. Swooping out from the cityscape we have the cherished Liverbird and the Lamb Banana standing proudly on top of the Irish cliffs of Moher.”

The mural includes some important dates; 1841 – When the actual building was constructed, 1997 –  when Shenanigans was born, 2020 – when the mural was completed and finally, an indiscriminate date showing how the history of Liverpool and it’s Irish connection will live on into the future.

Calum’s other Liverpool murals include Ernie The Giant and Zeus, both at Ten Streets Market as well as having pieces across the USA, Europe and Asia. To find out more about Calum and his street art visit www.calmedforth.myportfolio.com/work

So, now the mural at Shenanigans Irish Pub, Tithebarn Street is ready and waiting for your all important Instagram photos!


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