In these current times of Covid uncertainty, where we all live in social bubbles and  everyday seems the same, with the Arts under threat, it is now that the transcendence  provided by music is in need the most. It is good for one’s soul to be transported into  different aural realms, and we need the musicians of calibre that can transport us there.  So thank goodness for San Pedro’s Vision.  

The Subconscious Reflection EP consists of three tracks that act as a calling card for San Pedro’s Vision new direction, a statement of intent for their vaulting musical ambition.  And these three tracks meld perfectly to transport you back to the late Sixties, an  alchemic mixture of the Psych-Rock and the Progressive, beautifully tracked and mixed  by the extremely talented Jose Ibanez. However, there is more of a nod to the Floyd  with the majestically measured Gilmourian guitar work on show, with no place for  excessive prog noodling. There are no cul-de-sacs; just a shimmering, direct precision.  

The opening composition, The Nerve Centre, gently ushers the listener into nine minutes  of exact musicianship, the unworldly atmosphere under construction, note by note,  disciplined but with a sense of fluidity at the same time. Alannah’s vocals are used  instrumentally, and they prove to be a fantastic counterpoint to the guitar-craft  demonstrated. This band take you to a place where dreams can indeed become reality.  

The second track, Subconscious, has a lovely vibe-drenched groove to it, the  instrumentation choreographed with again almost architectural precision, the guitar  leading with a dreamy, druggy motif. You are now at the centre of an aural vortex,  which suddenly segues into a more immediate, drum led, energetic reality, which jars  you from any hypnotic state you may have reached before.  

The EP closes with the bass led Reflection, which for a third time showcases the musical  chops that San Pedro’s Vision possess in abundance. It is majestic and uplifting, again  Alannah’s voice being deployed to great textual effect. This really is music of a different  paradigm, and needs to be welcomed with opened arms.  

San Pedro’s Vision have successfully crafted an artistic blueprint for their musical quest  with Subconscious Reflection. Like all great Art, they have drawn on their influences to  create a thing of beauty. So turn the lights down low, close your eyes, and set what  controls you to the heart of the sun. The journey will certainly be worth it.

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Seb Klee