Since reopening a few months ago The Old Town House in Warrington have made a real effort to become a welcoming venue for live music. Tonight they host Italian shoegazers Rev Rev Rev. Not only is this their only show in the north west of England but entry is free!

Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan

First up are eccentric Manchester three piece Inland Taipan. They are due to play a part in the Bluecoat’s upcoming Captain Beefheart celebrations. This influence is plain yet never overplayed in tonights performance. Lead singer Ashling Davis has an impressive vocal range which is given a workout in the outro to “Limerence.”  They later tell me that they have only been together for “a few months” which makes this performance all the more impressive. Inland Taipan are certainly an act worth looking out for.

Danxia band


Local shoegaze outfit Danxia are next to take the stage. They are the perfect support band for tonights main act. Having taken time away from performing due to their drummer suffering a broken shoulder they return tonight in triumphant fashion.

Those familiar with the material on their Bandcamp page will only recognise one song in tonights set (the haunting “Bird In A Cage”) though future recordings are in the pipeline.

Rev Rev Rev

Rev Rev Rev

Rev Rev Rev arrive on stage around twenty minutes after Danxia close and immediately fill the room with dreamy “wall of noise” melodies. Although the crowd have depleted slightly those who have stayed are clearly on board. Tonights set is mainly culled from their latest album (2016’s Des Fleurs Magiques Bourdonnaint) but they band also incorporate a cover of Ride’s “Polar Bear.”

The performance, whilst being slightly over an hour long never outstays it’s welcome.

Special mention must go to The Old Town House who put on the gig. Here’s hoping that they have success and hopefully get people to venture out and catch live music.

Andy Sunley