***Edited 2017 – The Drive-In Cinema is now permanently closed***

The owners of Manchester’s hugely successful drive-in cinema, Route 66, which attracts cinema-goers from throughout the North West, have confirmed that they’ll be opening an even bigger outdoor cinema in Liverpool on Friday 4th April.

The new Route 66 cinema will be sited on the waterfront at Canning Dock, the Atlantic Pavilion, and will have a capacity of approximately 200 people.

Route 66 Liverpool


Route 66 will feature one of the biggest outdoor or indoor screens in the UK and will show the latest movies as soon as they go onto general release (in addition to special screenings of the classics). Liverpool residents are welcoming the news, as the opening of the new outdoor cinema will breathe new life into a previously under-utilised area of the city.

Following the enormous popularity of Manchester’s Route 66 cinema, which attracts film lovers from miles around, it’s anticipated that Liverpool’s drive-in cinema with many new additions to the Drive in experience will prove even more popular, attracting visitors from outside of the area as well as Liverpool residents who want to make going to the cinema feel like more of an occasion.

The drive through cinema will offer excellent digital picture quality on a massive screen measuring 20 metres long and 15 metres high and will thrill cinema-goers with excellent sound as they tune in on their car sounds systems or hand held devices.  Food and drinks will be on site and an array of cinema snacks, which will be delivered direct to their cars. Also, with a cost of just £20 per vehicle, no matter how many passengers you have, it’s a surprisingly cost-effective way to enjoy a trip to the cinema.

Route 66 Liverpool Site

Lee Seddon, of Route 66, commented: “Having seen the huge success of Route 66 in Manchester, which was the first outdoor digital cinema in Europe when it opened in 2012, we knew that there was the demand for a more exciting way to watch the latest releases than in your typical multiplex. People have been driving from Liverpool to Manchester to get the drive-thru cinema experience and now they’ll be able to enjoy the big screen on their own doorstep. We’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction of Liverpool residents to having one of the biggest and best outdoor cinemas in the country and are hoping that this will convert even more cinemagoers to the re-energised and for most a new way of viewing their favourite movies that has already taken hold of the cinema viewing public in Manchester’s hugely popular Route 66.”

Ian Pollitt, development investment surveyor at Peel Holdings, owners of the Liverpool Waters site added: “Liverpool Waters is the perfect location for this kind of popular leisure activity. We’re sure people will visit in their droves to sample the experience of the drive-in cinema. To see the Canning Dock area animated with many visitors will be a great sight and will provide a flavour of the future we are planning for the whole of Liverpool Waters.”

Route 66 will open in suitably glamorous style with a star-studded VIP opening on Thursday 3rd April and will be open to the public from Friday 4th April onwards.  There’ll be screenings at 6, 8 and 10pm daily and will alternate as films dictate, the digital projector being used will provide one of the highest quality outdoor images in the UK, Which will enable film buffs to see the new releases at their very best.

Route 66 Liverpool (opposite Costco), Clarence Dock, Waterloo Road, Liverpool L3 7BE


Entry:  £20 per vehicle