Our new monthly music round up New Noise is here as Seb Klee looks at December’s new releases.

Candy Opera – release their album The Patron Saint Of Heartache. These Eighties Lazarus-ists channel the spirit of McAloon into every chord and melody to present a pleasant diversion to contemporary events.

Catapulting the listener to the present day and  beyond, Tom Benson’s Maeges unleash their single Lite on December 4. Comprising just under five minutes of electronic  evocation, to paraphrase the once great Moz, December really spawned a monster with this track. The video is bang on, and should  be exhibited in the Tate.

Bobby West

Bobby West

The rich baritone voice of Bobby West’s new endeavour, All My Years, soaks into the bone like aged  whiskey into the casket. Simply glorious – who needs Scott Walker?

Another great video to accompany a real ear-worm of a song is presented by Ruins. Wearing White is the track, and this is a real grower.

Next up, The New Icons with She Cries Herself To Sleep. A contrast to the muscular The Wagon, we get the fragile beauty of a modern day lullaby. Another ear worm to ease you into the Land Of Nod.

Hannah's Little Sister

Hannah’s Little Sister

Hang on! Whats the noise? Who the hell has just kicked the door in? Yep, its Hannah’s Little Sister, with their EP MP3. Bin Mouth evokes all the best elements of The B-52’s, such raw energy. The following four tracks – keep up the breathless standard. Perhaps a case of welcome to your favourite new band?

If Maeges has opened the door, let’s go down the wormhole with Liam Carey’s Concerto for Piano and Electronics. This is real cutting edge, avant-garde music at its finest. Check it out, and you will  be taking courses on String Theory next. Certainly broadens one mind…

Tojo The Dwarf releases Cool Young Death which sounds like a festival anthem if ever I heard one. Another brilliant video also.

In Conversation - Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island

Adding to the great song and video awards come the dynamic duo of Pleasure Island with Help Me NHS. Super song, super performance. A tip to the wise – Pleasure Island are brilliant live.

Limerance release their eagerly awaited EP on Christmas Eve – A World of Possibility – giving us five beautiful tracks to herald the promise of 2021.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the majestic Visions Of Albion release You’re Not Alone, which is a taster for their EP to be released in January. It’s such a beautiful song, and sets the bar high for next year’s release, and as I have had a sneak preview, it is  one they easily attain. 

Merseyside Music is alive and kicking…..Roll on 2021.

If you wish to submit your January 2021 releases please email [email protected] with details of your music.

Seb Klee