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Embark On A Dreamy Alt-Pop Journey With Martha Goddard’s Debut EP ‘It Comes In Waves’

Martha Goddard’s endearing voice and dreamy pop production were swiftly introduced to Liverpool’s Alt-Pop scene in 2022 with single Fighter. Now, Martha is ready to share the labours of her craft with the release of her long awaited debut EP, It Comes in Waves featuring new track Teacher and a remix of Voices by Chè Wilson

In just two years Martha has quickly earned rising status as ‘one to watch’ with subsequent airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 1 with continued support from Liverpool radio DJ Dave Monks. Support slots for Gustaffson (Andrew Gower) paired with appearances at Gathering Sounds and Cosmic Cape festival have highlighted Martha’s dreamscape live sets as not to be missed. 

With this new five track EP Martha explores more personal territory, a fresh, inward approach to her music alongside writing and releasing music with Hushtones since 2016. Reflective in the narrative of the title itself, waves refer to the kaleidoscope of emotions experienced in the process of creating music alongside themes of growth and change. 

Influences Annie Lennox and Florence Welsch are notably present in Martha’s cathartic, clear cut vocals, but enough room is left to leave her own imprint on listeners in this carefully crafted self-produced EP with layers of vocal arrangements and iridescent synth lines created at home on Logic.  

Martha effortlessly engages her listeners, introducing new elements to illuminate certain sections of a track, equally, stripping it back to achieve the same result. As heard in opening track Voices where the track pulls back from a steady rhythm in the verses, opening up and creating space for its prevailing ethereal chorus.  

Martha delivers vocals both vulnerable and delicate yet unwaveringly powerful, exploring the vast range that her voice has to offer. Teacher explores softer nuances, stripped back with a tender vocal and piano pairing whilst Circles and Lasso touch on Martha’s Kate Bush influences with 80s-esque arpeggiated synths and euphoric choruses. 

It Comes In Waves presents a transcendent collection of songs that can only leave us eager to hear them performed live. You can listen back to Martha’s latest live session on BBC Introducing Merseyside with host David Monks now on BBC Sounds. 

Stream It Comes In Waves now.

Follow Martha Goddard on Instagram at @marthaa_goddard for updates.

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