Luke Royalty will release October Seven, a track so soulful and organic that it truly places you in the moment of the music. 

Luke Royalty, a 21-year-old with an aptitude for sincere songwriting, is set to release his debut single October Seven on the 14 of August, with a run of singles to be released throughout the following months. 

Discovering his creative ability in his late teens, Luke Royalty has been honing his talents over the years in search of a producer that can do justice for his passion for songwriting. Luke’s search was over when he came across up-and-coming producer Bob Mackenzie, leading the two to collaborate over numerous projects. 

The track begins with angelic vocal harmonies accompanied with a neo-soul styled guitar riff that both simultaneously work together to set the emotional tone, allowing the opening lyrics to follow with “So I guess this is over.” Luke’s stirring vocals, alongside his smooth lyrical flow and delivery throughout the track, capture the empty feelings of desperation when clinging to a dying relationship.

“The lyrics are an expression of indecisive feelings I faced towards the end of a failing relationship. I think everyone feels it during that uncertain period where you don’t want to part but it’s becoming more and more inevitable.” – Luke Royalty

With an exceptional production value, and a soft funk bassline that tickles the eardrums, October Seven captures and communicates this message in a way that places you at the heart of the music.

A follow up single titled I Could Get Used to This is set to be released in October and will feature Manchester based rapper Sweets. The track, being of the same stylistic ilk to October Seven, consists of more pop genre conventions with a catchier hook and of course the inherent nature of feature culture within pop music. However, through the accompaniment of a tranquil keyboard and a funk bass, the song seems to have its own layer of unique conventions that help it stand out from other contemporary RnB tracks.  

Both October Seven and I Could Get Used to This project a hopeful future for Luke Royalty’s carrier. With both tracks set to be released as social distancing measurements are easing, Luke is ready to catch the wave of success that will follow once gigs are back in action. 

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Harry Breen